About Us

Damn Sam Productions was conceived in the early 1990s in Beacon, NY (The Home of Environmental Activism As We Know It) and was further developed at the famous Arrowhead Ranch in Parksville, NY. DSP was founded to raise money for pro-freedom activism in NY and beyond. The money raised at Harvest Fest and other Damn Sam ventures is used to fund select organizations and actions.


Welcome to NY Harvest Fest

22nd NY Harvest Festival & Freedom Fair Oct 11 - 13, 2019 is a Northeast classic Knarich Family Farm in upstate New York featuring over 20 musical acts and entertainers, political speakers, light shows, visuals, vendor village, fire spinning, glass blowing, activist opportunities, good vibes, great people and soooo much more. This event is a fundraiser for Damn Sam's activism. Legal in our lifetime!


The enforcement of most current marijuana laws is an ongoing injustice, renewed and compounded every single day. New York's marijuana law enforcement is a weapon - used broadly, and disproportionately against New York's communities of color. Our goal is to educate lawmakers and the citizens of New York to enact laws that protect the interests of those involved in the production, uses, and distribution of cannabis, hemp.!!

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